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Family without children

You do not have children but you still need help daily for cleaning and cooking?  Then you can apply for a Houskeeper under the incomes cretirio.

Who can apply for housekeeper under this cretirio? 

  • Families without children under 12 years old and both parents are working and their annual incomes are more than €52,000

  • Families without children under 12 years old and one of the two parents are working and his/her annual income is more than €86,000

  • Individuals who are single and their annual incomes are more than €52,000

  • For a second Housekepper the annual income must be more than €171,000

What our clients benefit from our services?

  • Arrange Skype interviews between you and potential candidates.

  • Offer full paperwork of applications for the entry permit visa

  • Book the ticket for the candidate 

  • Pick up the candidate from the airport

  • Arrange medical exams (blood test and X-RAY) for the candidate

  • We offer medical insurance and employer liability insurance

  • Register the candidate at Immigration

  • Register the candidate at social insurance

  • Payment of social insurance every month

  • We offer 6 months guarantee and FREE replacement in case you are not satisfied with the candidate.

Some documents that you as employer need to provide us?

  • Copy of the identity card for both employer and his/her spouse

  • Proof of payment of the contributions to the social insurance and social insurance statement

  • Authorization for payment by bank transfer

  • Tax Clearance certificate indicating the annual taxable income of the year (where applicable)